FaceIt Cup


As the they head into the finals of the FaceIt cup the team were getting amped up and getting themselves ready for a tough game against fellow finalists team_mag1cs. Heading into Overpass a tough competitive map that heavily favours the CT side the teams were both looking to win the opening Knife Round. PwC drop the knife round and mag1cs take control of the CT side of the map to get the game underway.

With the knife round going against PwC it was going to come down to picking up the first few rounds to get us ahead on the harder side of the game, as the boys pushed into the B bombsite their defence held strong as 3 members of PwC dropped before the bomb could be planted, eventually leaving Dez in a 3v1 to try clutch the pistol round. Sadly it was not to be. This put the team in a tough spot as they head through the rest of the first half, eventually closing the half out 12-3 behind, an extremely tough task to come back from.

The second half begins with the guys feeling that they were definitely still in with a chance at the match, but they knew that the match would come down to the all important pistol round. as mag1cs tried to push into the A site prawn and dez held strong as the picked up two quick trades forcing the enemy team to rotate to b. The kills came quick as they pushed into B site putting Dez once again into a 2v1 to clutch the round, this time he succeeded holding them off and taking the pistol round. With morale running high they felt like the game was on and played through to a solid second half taking the game to a 15-15 tie in regular time forcing the finals to go into OT.

The start of OT saw the guys drop the first round as mag1cs took the B site, heading into the second round of OT it was all or nothing in their minds as they made quick rotates to cover angles and trading the kills in. With jRRR making rotates between the two sites he was playing as a solid anchor for the team and helped them to pick up the second round of OT the final round of this first half of OT saw team_mag1cs fake a B take, a quick kill from Quasar saw an end to this and forced mag1cs to show their hand, as the A take came in jRRR made a solid flank picking up the final two kills to take a solid round and take the lead into the second half of OT.

As they head back onto the T side of the map for the second half of OT they knew this was where they let themselves in the first half and losing a quick kill early to mag1cs awper on long and two kills coming in from a flanking CT jRRR and Prawn in a 2v4 clutch situation, which they were unable to close out. The B rush call came through and they rushed through into the site picking up a solid entry and bomb plant leaving quazar and dez in a 2v2, with a trade coming in Dez was once again in a 1v1 situation for the win, this time he was once again successful in holding his nerve and clutching the round. 17-18 ahead in OT the boys tried another B rush which was quickly stopped dead by good utility usage from mag1cs. Playing slowly they got caught by a flank leaving jRRR and Dez in a 4v2, jRRR quickly picked up 2 kills for free and they made a quick rotate through to A getting the plant, Dez picking up a kill giving them a 2v1 situation for the win. As he tapped the bomb jRRR peaked and picked up the final kill to bring home the win!

A huge well done to the CSGO boys for taking first place in the FaceIt Cup with the final taking place last night they had a hard game on overpass finishing up the first half 12-3 down on the T side, they jumped onto the CT side and played hard to keep themselves in the game and eventually came away with that all important win over team_mag1cs.

A hard fought victory in which they didn’t give up and through the whole thing pushed on knowing the were still in it and the game was up for grabs, it showed some solid team work and rotations coming in from the team and highlights exactly why they were chosen to represent us.


Massive congratulations are in order and we couldn’t be any happier with them in this first competition as a team. Well done and we can’t wait to see what is next for you.

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