League of Legends Tournament


Over the last two weeks we have seen our League Of Legends team compete in their highly anticipated first tournament together. Here is a review of the tournament.

Quarter Final

Starting out against a newly formed team called Undefined. Coached by a former player and coach of PwC, PwCRookie. This important first game took a rocky start where PwC went behind very early. Noticing that they couldnt get back into the game they had to stall out against an oppenent that kept throwing everything they had at them. With PwC now playing safe they clawed there way back into the match. It was at this moment that a baron call by undefined changed the whole outcome of the match. With the PwC front line in the pit securing baron, The back line of PwC were able to free hit the enemy and take the baron with a quadra kill going to Halcyons the enemy just couldnt stop a rampaging PwC. With this the match was won and PwC progressed to the next round.

Semi Final

Going into the next game PwC were full of confidence, facing off against Starwish Esports it was likely to be a thrilling encounter and boy was it indeed.

With a level 1 invade coming from Starwish Esports in which they tried to catch out an unsuspecting Mótorjoe. This level 1 invade back fired for Starwish Esports with them getting the kill onto Mótorjoe but with a return kill coming in favour of PwC. While this level 1 gank was going off the rest of PwC’s team were just continuing to farm. After this Level one gank Starwish Esports tried to throw PwC off their stride by sending there bot lane top. Noticing this PwC also swapped top lane for bot, Meaning that Starwish Esports efforts were in vain. At this point all lanes were going in favour of PwC and they closed the game out quite easily with Halcyons Picking up a pentakill securing the win.

PwC move on to the BO3 finals!!

The Final

Game 1

With PwC’s Jungler leaving the team 2 days before the final due to personal reasons it left a massive whole in the team. One that the newly recruited Lambs Dear Wolf stepped up to fill. With this his first game with PwC he was looking to impress. The game knowledge and awareness he showed being a key part to the team.

Moving onto the first game in the best of 3 against a very strong Dmote team.

Valkyrie and his team put up a good show in the game staying fairly even with there opposition. Untill a baron call made by Dmote that PwC could not contend with meant that Dmote took a steady and progressive lead taking objectives.

at this point PwC did there best to come back into the game but with another team fight going the way of Dmote they closed out the game.

Dmote 1 – 0 PwC

Game 2

Onto The second game of the final. PwC under pressure to perform in this game to level it up and take it to the third and final game.

Entering the rift there was a sense of optimism coming from the PwC camp, Playing on champion they feel comfortable on the game started. Halcyons and Valkyrie in  the bot lane started off very well gettin an early kill on the Dmote adc. Just minutes after this there was a fight for the first drake of the game. With it being a 4 vs 4 fight Mótorjoe taking a Double kill and Lambs Dear Wolf killing the enemy jungler PwC took the first drake. Confidence began to build within the team. Throughout the next 15 mins PwC were taking skirmishes across the map and winning. Which then led to another two drakes being taken. With this PwC increased their lead to 3,800 gold. We reached pivotal moment in the game when the enemy started to look towards a baron to try and find a way back into the game. Pwc followed Dmote into the pit securing 3 kills and the Baron. After the fight TheAngryCookie took Dmotes top lane tower. Taking PwC’s lead to 7,800 gold.

PwC then proceeded to take objectives and fights untill Baron Respawned. This was the only objective they had their eyes on at this point. With PwC noticing two members of Dmote bottom they proceed to start baron, Dmote rush to the baron in hopes to stop PwC taking. In the end Dmote’s efforts were in vain and PwC closed the game out.

Dmote 1 – 1 PwC

Game 3

With Game 3 approaching PwC were full of confidence again. Going even with Dmote for the first 10 minutes PwC decided to make a play. Lambs Dear Wolf set his eyes on the Rift Herald. Taking this without interuption from the enemy team he set his eyes mid using the Herald in hopes to break the first turret. Unfortunately this didnt go to plan failing to take the turret. PwC tried to make plays around the map taking skirmishes against the enemy. It was with great effort from the enemy and PwC’s minor errors that Dmote took a small but significant gold lead. With Dmotes gold lead they pushed hard at PwC taking a turret. With an even bigger gold lead Dmote just kept pushing. with no way to stop the oncoming enemy PwC made a stand and decided to take a fight. The 5v5 fight took place, With four members of PwC falling Dmote decided now was the perfect time to baron. Upon taking baron Dmote continued to push PwC back. Finally Dmote forced PwC into a fight again. This was make or break for PwC. Unfortunately this time it wasnt mean to be with Dmote winning the fight they pushed the nexus and finished the game.

The final score being

Dmote 2 – 1 PwC

With the tournament coming to a close, PwC finished 2nd. A fantastic achievment for their first real tournament together.

Looking forward to seing what comes from them in the upcoming Compete league season.

Congratulations to Dmote on winning an exciting final.

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