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Val : Hi Valk! U are the manager of PwC and the support on PwC. How was your evening? U lost to dmote in the finals…

Valk : I think it was overall a pretty good evening, i think that the finals went okay, not what we wanted but with this being our first time even in voice let alone in game with our jungler i think we did the best we could and i was impressed with his play and happy with how it went overall even with the loss.

Val : Mentioning your jungler, I spoke to Ice before. He left u guys a few days before the finals. Are you mad at him?

Valk : Haha, I think at the time i was yea, but after some thought on it, i’m not, i understood his reasoning and whilst i think it would have been better to wait till after today’s games i respect his decision and i’m happy he seems to be fitting in well with his old team again.

Val : I consider PwC and dmote the two big rivals. Would u agree on that?

Valk : Uh, yea after today i would, i think that with Clown9 seeming to be close behind i would consider our two teams the top 2 and the best bets to be in the spring finals against each other, i think the rivalry will grow with Ice’s leaving and today’s loss being the start.

Val : Would u say that it sucks to see one of your players play on your rivals team?

Valk : I don’t think it sucks, given the circumstance with it being two days ago that he left, it still seems weird seeing him with a different tag but i do think that for us both it’s for the best, as he said in his own interview, we had some differing opinions on how to game should be played that i assume would have eventually become a problem so i think it will all work out for the best.

Val : What is your impression of the other team? Would u say u guys have a healthy rivalry?

Valk : I think it is a very fitting rivalry with us being the top two teams, i think that the rivalry is healthy for the most part, even with players like Gill who like to “Sit the pot” so to speak, but i quite like the memes and Bm it’s honestly funny sometimes.

Val : I’ve heard u mentioning that the fountain dive (in the finals) was a disrespect? are u still standing behind that statement?

Valk : Personally i find it disrespectful, the same kind of disrespect as if we surrendered after the baron take because we knew we had lost, personally i think things like surrendering to take away the opponents real victory is BM, but not even taking your victory is even worse, however i was rather tilted due to my own play that game otherwise i’d have held my tongue on that statement, i still stand by it as a disrespectful way to end the finals.

However, i do understand why they did it, in the heat of the moment when everyone is laughing and hyped i understood why they did it so i’m not bothered by it now.

Val : Are u sure they weren’t just trying to secure the penta?

Valk : I mean, if they were they did a pretty poor job, but yea like i said, i understand why they did it and in the heat of the moment it makes sense, with the way they’re team plays where the focus is just having fun it makes complete sense that they would and tbh if they had gotten the penta i’d have congratulated him on it after.

Val : U seem like an emotional or passionate player. Could this why u see as disrespect instead of a poor try for a pentakill?

Valk : Yea, i’d consider myself quite a passionate and emotional player, i’d say that wins boost my confidence massively, and losses can tilt me or just make me feel pretty bad, because of the way that i view the game and this league i definitely think it affected how i saw the end play, but at the end of the day it’s just how i think on it, its a competitive league, not soloQ.

Val :  Do u think it’s a strength to be passionate, emotional or could it be considered negative?

Valk : I think that it defiantly can be a really big strength of mine that if I’m feeling good on the day I’m playing then my play and my shot calling and my general attitude can be almost game changing in my opinion, but i do see how it can be a downside too with the flip side of it all, however i think that my role in the organisation and team helps me make  up for that, i don’t tilt almost at all during a game because i like to be the one picking everyone else up and keeping mentality high if at all possible.

Val : Is PwC easy to tilt? or could PwC also be called the Untiltables?

Valk : I feel like as a team it’s something were really good at and that will be a big factor for us in the split with playing three games every Monday that we are really good at not tilting and looking forward to the next game, or the next play rather than focusing on the things we mess up on, witch is a skill that i know Dmote has and its part of what will separate our two teams from the rest of the league that even if we get smashed one game it will not affect the next.

Val :  I sense alot of respect towards dmote, and I also had same idea vice versa when it comes to Ice. Could we say both teams do value each other?

Valk : Yea, i think that Gill’s interview was not representative of his team and instead just himself, i feel like there is a mutual respect there, people criticised the finals as all the games took a long time to finish but that’s just because both teams respect the fact that the other is good enough to turn the tables during the game, I’m glad there’s a mutual respect, its what keeps the rivalry healthy and keeps us even.

Val : You look like a young person with a lot of passion, faith and ambition. I’ve been there myself. I started BRE, played for them, managed it, got multiple teams.. eventually become staff for CL. Where do you see yourself in the future? Still on PwC?

Valk : Since i started playing league way back when, i always loved the LCS and my entire reason for playing was that one day i wanted to be a pro (Laugh all you want) Obviously that won’t happen, but this is a nice step for me, im enjoying being with a organisation and a real team and i hope in the future i can continue to be an asset to PwC and take them as far as i can, however i think that i’d quite like to be apart of the CL team one day too, i think it is something i’d love doing, since stepping into the managerial role of PwC its been more fun than ever an i assume id have the same idea toward CL too.

Val : Becoming G5, kinda stopped me from playing CL. Low golds don’t find a team or at least not easy. Would that be a setback for you and might turn u into a full time staff member?

Valk : I don’t think so, after hitting G5 and knowing that it would limit me would only drive me forwards to reach a higher rank to keep playing, but i definitely think my staff member role would be my priority if it ever came to it.

Val : Being staff isn’t always that easy. U need to make hard decisions which could make you unpopular. Aren’t u afraid of such things? I made a lot of friends as manager of BRE but also had some “rough breakups”.

Valk : Not really, i think that if people understand that i have to be a staff member before a friend it will be fine, anyone who doesn’t understand that will just have to live with it, being a staff member has to come first or it defeats the point.

Val : Here’s a hard question : Would u consider yourself to be the right man for the manager job

Valk : Within pwc ?

Val : Yeah or in the league, maybe u know another manager who is really good within the league that might do a better job?

Valk : My personal opinion is no, I don’t think anyone else is right for the job but me, before I was made manager, I was doing the manager job just without the title, I think I do a really good job at it and quite frankly I love I, I think it can be stressful because it takes a lot of time and effort but I love doing it, so no I don’t think anyone else but myself is right for the job.

Val : Well Valk, this has been a splendid insider interview. I’ll give u a last question to end with. What would u say to dmote after winning tonight’s final?

Valk : Thank you it’s been an enjoyable interview, I’d like to say a big GG to them they played very well and in the end deserved the win, I’d like to remind them not to get over confident, I still plan on winning the real split and I’m very excited for our next match up and to everyone else? I’d like to say good luck keeping up with us and Dmote

Val : Thank you for the amazing interview!

Written by Vincent “Val “Ceulemans

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