New CS:GO Lineup


Sadly after their amazing performance in the FaceIt Cup some of the players decided to go their seperate ways, we say goodbye to Prawn185 and jRRR, you guys were a huge part of the team and will be missed, however with this gap in the squad we turned to our new team captain Quasar to put together the future of PwC CSGO and he did not fail to deliver as we now have a brilliant lineup.

First up we have Matt who joined us for the FaceIt Cup but was purely playing as a stand in, he delivered an amazing performance during that competition and we are extremely happy to say that he has made the jump into the full time roster. Secondly we have t0wer joining the squad he is a solid player and we are extremely excited to see what he can bring to this new lineup which is being rounded out by our final addition to the team reS, another great player who elevates the team to a higher level of play.

It is safe to say we are expecting some more big performances from these guys as they move forward together, finishing up their scrims as they start looking towards entering more FaceIt Cups and leagues the only thing we have left to say to them is welcome to the PwC family boys and we hope to see you guys excel in your performances.

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