Compete League Season review and Playoffs


Season Review

The Season started with a Positive showing on the first week, With PwC Green going 3-0. That being said they were missing their top lane who was away for the matches so having a standin step up to the plate really helped.


Going into week two and with the return of TheAngryCookie PwC were looking confident going into the matches. With three more games this week they had a very busy schedule. With there first game coming as a loss, confidence was rocked. They did however manage to pull it back in there next game to make it 4-1 and continue their path towards playoffs.


Week three didnt go according to plan with two losses coming straight off the bat, again confidence started to run low. These defeats made the standings interesting with PwC coming in at 4-3. Leaving PwC in a bad situation.


Week Four and PwC seemed to get their acts together with a roster change of TheAngryCookie stepping into a Staff role and the Addition of PwC Rocc they looked in good form to really push for playoffs. winning two of the three games they played this week making their overall score 6-4.


Week Five soon came around with more games still to play. With two games this week PwC lost the first of their games. Yet again they managed to pull it out of the bag winning the second game which meant PwC go into the final week 7-5.


Week Six the final week of the season, the players were nervous. Hoping that they could do enough to progress to the final stage and make the playoffs. PwC showed no signs of the nerves that had set in before the games. going 2-0 this week meant that PwC Progressed to the playoffs.


The Final rankings looked as follows:

Well let me say a big congratulations to the Leage of Legends team for competing in Compete League and progressing through to the playoffs.


Play Off Bracket


PwC are set to play on may the 7th against CheckMate Yellow. Everyone here at PwC will be cheering you on. Good Luck in the playoffs.



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