New Ironsight Lineup


After a great deal of planning and working behind the scenes to put together a competitive Ironsight team, we are overjoyed to announce the full lineup for Pandas With Chairs that will be competing in the Season One 5v5 League over at The eSports Hub.

Introducing first of all the Team Captain and returning to a Pandas roster slot Ewan Quasar, former CS:GO player and captain her at PwC we said farewell to him when he left to pursue an Ironsight career. Now we welcome him back into the family as he heads things up for us in the Ironsight Department.

As for the rest of the team we worked very closely with PwC Streamer RyanRV to find the best players from the Ironsight community and put together the following roster:



Gerry Goorlap



Welcome aboard all of you and we are looking forward to seeing how you boys perform in the League.

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