Why Super Smash Bros. Melee left Evo?

Sticky Posted by Ashley Liddle March 3, 2019 in GamingNews

For 2019, Super Smash Bros. Melee will not be part of the upcoming EVO roster (as announced on twitter by @wario64). This has come as a shock to a few as the game has a large community and is featured at other events like Super smash con and CEO 2019. So why is ultimate on its own?

Released in 2001, Melee has always been favoured amongst the community, being present at Evo for 9 years. See the games currently in the line-up (see below).

Taking its place is the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which has had a great reception since launch and is now in the line-up for Evo, without the addition of Melee. Last year both Melee and the Wii U release were in the line-up, this may have been to satisfy the fighting fans that preferred the game play of Melee while the newer version was to engage players & audiences who were keeping up to date with the series.

Ultimate makes the bridge between the two, Although I have heard other players debate on which is best, the most common point is game play.

Melee was simple in its design with a small roster of 25 characters compared to 74 in Ultimate. Improving on Smash Bros, ultimate has a large roster, amazing graphics and as a competitive fighting player, it really gives a sense of competition and skill, Compared to other releases which felt frustrating at times, honestly I might have just been bad at them but Ultimate is by far the best Smash bros released to date but how will it fair on the competitive scene at Evo?

Article written and submitted by Lewis Fraser

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