How has Siege lasted this long?

Posted by ArktiQ March 13, 2019 in GamingNews

Released 4 years ago, to this day Siege has managed to captivate players at home and on the e-sports scene. The game has been changing, shifting and updating since it’s release, and is in a completely different league from when it released.

Without a doubt, the multiplayer is the biggest selling point, there are some issues with toxicity within the community and bugs, but Ubisoft are pretty good at responding to issues and attempting to fix problems as such. Giving weekly updates, challenges, seasonal cosmetic items, new maps and even characters, they give the community enough to chew on between bigger updates, this is something that Dragonball FighterZ is missing, see the article on that “What is Dragon Ball FighterZ doing wrong?”.

During 2018 I personally clocked in over 200 hours and the main thing I learned was that the game has quite a learning curve, and I highly recommend playing with friends who have played before, so you have someone to feedback on your performance or just simply have fun. There is a large spectrum of players that go from casual to hardcore, the best part is you can switch from one to the other, bit of advice stay on ranked because casual can be at times frustrating due to a lack of punishments for toxic behaviour.

Overall Rainbow 6: siege, is the best supported long-term game around on the current generation, without the issues that come up at times, the team behind it are clearly hard at work and have been for the past Five years, you can choose not to spend any money to buy new characters but just simply grind (they have cut the price of 1st year operators in half) so it won’t take a super long time.

Article written and submitted by Lewis Fraser

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