Was Devil May Cry 5 really that good?

Posted by Ashley Liddle March 13, 2019 in GamingNews

Yes, to eliminate the click-bait title. DMC 5 was everything a fan of the series could have hoped for, not only was it stunning to look at, satisfying to hack & slash through hordes of demons but gave every element of a DMC story that a fan could ask for (this article may contain minor spoilers for Devil may cry and Red dead 2).

In fairness this statement is of my own opinion, but it holds true. Devil may cry 4, was held back by its age and in this generation, it pales in comparison to what DMC 5 has accomplished (no doubt). For years a gap in the hack and slash genre has been quite clear for me and maybe other fans of the genre, Devil may cry has been a staple of this genre.

I went straight ahead and watched the climatic finale for myself to avoid getting it spoiled by Youtube’s fantastic recommendation system, which sadly is how Red Dead 2’s twist was sprung on me. It was no disappointment, I’m not fully finished on the journey, but the result of the story seems very pleasing, the cut scenes are not too lengthy and manage to keep you hooked, which accompanied by kick-ass music and Nero/Dante’s natural charisma and attitude works in both a cheesy and serious tone. This is something I felt was a weaker point of the series where it was mostly cheesy, lacking any serious undertone during story points that didn’t include ‘world ending’ scenarios, this includes DMC 4’s finale, where Dante acts as a cheerleader for Nero.

The combat is amazing, the visuals make that last touch, truly make the system feel complete, the camera seems very stable (again comparing to DMC 4) making it less frustrating to play in smaller interiors.

The best way for you to find out if I’m speaking true is to play it yourself, DMC 5 is a must play for people both new and old to the genre and series, the game actually has a system in place to help new players get the satisfaction that veterans could achieve right off the bat (or Sword). What are you doing? Go slay some demons!

Article written and submitted by Lewis Fraser

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