What is Dragon Ball FighterZ doing wrong?

Posted by ArktiQ March 13, 2019 in GamingNews

Dragon Ball FighterZ has had a virtuous year since release by making a scene at EVO, The Red Bull summoning event and its ongoing changes and updates, but where is the series going? Looking at a few interviews, stories and videos on people’s thoughts for the series future.

“Currently, there’s no work ongoing for a sequel. One of the reasons is because FighterZ has only been out for a year and fighting games typically have a pretty long tail, and we believe that since it’s the first fighter of its kind for the Dragon Ball franchise, it’s important to build up that fanbase around this release first in the coming years. Then, perhaps after that time has passed, we’ll begin work on a sequel.” (Tomoko Hiroki, FighterZ Game Producer, 2019)

Fighting games tend to have a long-life cycle, the platform they are built upon allows for a lot of updates, changes and additions that can really change the feel of the whole game. FighterZ has been adding new characters and working on its game flow to switch up the experience, giving FighterZ a better experience. The accompanying characters that have been introduced over time, add small features to FighterZ, making it fun to really learn characters and try new mix-ups

Is this enough to keep the game alive for another year, the game’s strongest point is its online ranked scene but it’s other modes lack investment. Even when online, issues with players leaving matches just results in a highlighted icon on their profile. The team behind the game do vocalize their plans well during certain periods, the rest of the time, communication is pretty lacking, and this may be what leads to FighterZ dropping from the FGC (Fighting game community) all together.

With the second season kicking off, players are in anticipation to see who is coming. Broly and Gogeta (Super) are the last to come and Videl and Jiren have already joined the frey and are fun too play. If the team can work on increasing their presence during quiet seasons similar to Dokken battle (A free to play dragon ball mobile game) we should be in for another fantastic year, plus we want Master Roshi or Kefla.

Article written and submitted by Lewis Fraser

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